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coming. right. i. i. got him and fires into the crowd as a music festival in las vegas killing at least fifty people in the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history. the local police say they're treating the shooting as a lone wolf attack and that the perpetrator has been killed. been exult. propensity to believe and suppose that's. that's what spain's prime minister had to say after the independence referendum in
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catalonia in which almost nine hundred voters were injured in assaults by military police. national broadcasting live from moscow thank you for watching. we start with the news from las vegas where a gunman has gone on a shooting rampage at a music festival fifty people are confirmed dead and more than four hundred are injured police say it's the worst shooting in modern u.s. history the incident is being treated as a lone wolf attack and must warn you you might find the following video disturbing .
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a shooting took place during an outdoor performance by country saying to jason holding out a three day music festival it was attended by around twenty two thousand people the gunman fired at crowds from the thirty second floor of a nearby hotel and casino there were at least three rounds of rapid fire with the longest of them last in around nine seconds here's how some of the witnesses described what they saw.
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of the suspected gunman has been identified as steven patrick a sixty four year old from nevada he was found dead on the thirty second floor of the mandalay bay hotel along with several weapons police are also questioning a person of interest named as mary lou donnelly a woman believed to have been with the gunman before the shooting here's a video from the scene of people taking shelter in a tent at the festival. i i. i. i i i. i.
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i i. i i i i. i we spoke to an eyewitness called abdi he told us how people were scared but had to remain quiet says no one me if the shooter was still around at the time i was actually working security at the. capitol as i walked away from my post which i'm glad that i and where i was supposed to be standing was actually there for me it was in front of the main stage where the jury of the stuff was happening and. i left my post and i remember walking towards my friends when i heard the first round of gunshots and i thought to myself that it was the music but when the second round of gunshots came it was clear that it was gunshots and it wasn't the music messing up. once i heard that and i seen people started running i completely just
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dropped everything and just ran. there was police officers maturity is everywhere i actually ran into a complex and just remember going inside this guy's house and there was a whole bunch of people already in there and they had all the lights turned off and they were telling everyone to be quiet because it was still nearby and we didn't know if the shooter is walking around or not the local journalist dana gentry has more on what happened. well we have just learned within the last few minutes from sheriff joe navarro it was vegas metropolitan police department that the death toll has been upgraded to more than fifty people dead as you said the injured it's a fourth of two hundred people stephen had a. nearby mosquito that is the dead suspect that mosquitoes about. an hour hour and a half outside of las vegas it's we do know that he has some sort of police
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history in miskito he is known to the local police there boat as far as motive we just have no idea yet earlier this evening yes all of the clubs were on lockdown i can't imagine that any of them would be open at this point the story is i was born here i have lived here fifty seven years i can't remember anything like this we are all in stock. from one thousand nine hundred six until june this year the country seen one hundred thirteen mass shootings almost nine hundred adults and one hundred forty five children have been killed but these numbers don't include the latest massacre in las vegas and there are question marks i want to officially cost as a mass shooting these are the deadliest incidents. or. earlier
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we spoke to former intelligence officer animation and she says access to automatic weapons in the u.s. is too easy in america i mean obviously they have the second amendment of the constitution it's about the last right they still have in america which is the right to bear arms so it's very easy for systems to get access to very high caliber weaponry and you know a lot of different things can trigger these sort of attacks there's a a long and awful history of these lone wolf a lone shooter attacks both in american schools and in nightclubs such as in the florida nightclub last year and they can be triggered by any range of different issues they can be so christian fundamentalists trying to have
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a go at pleasure seekers in las vegas it could be race related it could just be alienation or mental health issues far right extremism i mean you know where to stop there are so many. problems in that society and the easy access to heavy weaponry is i think going to cause more and more of these attacks where watching developments in las vegas and we'll update you as soon as we have more information . now almost nine hundred cattle on voters were injured in assaults by military police during the spanish region's independence referendum on sunday madrid deems the vote illegal but it's despite its efforts to stop the referendum from going ahead the council on government has already published the results with ninety percent supporting catalonia as break away from spain the spanish prime minister addressed his country just minutes before the end of the referendum which he denied
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had taken place. or he'd be going to put in the field that i'm not going to get them. out of. we have to feel all of food that he would oppose this he would go to stop. fear not you're not. going to be a few. to much you going to implode but i don't. well the violence erupted moments after the polling stations open to all people were standing in line to vote here's a recap of what happened on sunday. my
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. eye. well the way civil guard officers try to disperse the crowd has raised concern here you can see people holding up rubber bullets that were fired into the crowd well the judge claims the police response was professional and proportionate but let's take a look at some of the videos that have sparked public outcry well here you can see peaceful protesters facing police demonstrators have their hands up as a sign of nonviolence but offices start hitting them with batons this incident took
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place in she wrote in north eastern catalonia and another video has also sparked outcry and a warning you might find it distressing well this video circulating online appears to show one of the officers trying to remove a woman and twisting her wrist in the process she claims her fingers were broken intentionally and after a day of massive violence in catalonia protesters are taking to the streets decrying police brutality artie's medina question of a has been a one rally in barcelona. this is classic absolutely aware as you can see the protests continue here on the iconic sware of the barcelona says he hundreds of students have gathered behind my back to protest against the events that we saw here on sunday they're protesting for the independence of catalonia they're clapping they're shouting slogans including goodbye mr president good bye mary i don't doubt for you now there are trying to remain peaceful and they're also
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protesting against the violence unprecedented crackdown on polling stations that we saw on sunday and indeed there are a lot of unhappy people here on the streets of wasilla. we didn't deserve this kind of treatment i think our people deserve more freedom and not the oppression that madrid is putting us under we have seen a lot of repression against the people people who are just waiting in line ready to vote. i have seen brutal scenes on the part of police the side is right this place children and now that the people in front of the potent stations. some of my friends were in schools building barricades to defend the polling stations from police forces my friend told me that she was grabbed by police and this one he went to the floor he was also hit in the head but i think these facts should be made known to the public. we have been receiving more reaction coming out from the
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consul on a story to us this monday now the presidential council line and said that the government has decided to create a special commission to investigate the events of sunday to create a special commission to investigate possible crimes against humanity that might have taken place here are over the weekend he also believes that in order to find a compromise between madrid and barcelona as independent party is needed so as you can see the concrete the situation here is so complicated that even authorities are ready to acknowledge that there are unable to find a way out without the house and now there are independent sides now the president of consular demands that the forces of national police will leave the region he says that for many years and many times people of conscience on your work protesting and never there's been violence on the streets so it is really the biggest constitutional crisis spain has sent in decades and it really seems that it is time now for both parties to sit down and try to negotiate in order to avoid
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further escalation. whatever it is from the european union have now propose holding a session over what happened in catalonia however european officials have remained largely silent previously stressing that the issue is an internal one for spain altie is probably boyko has been taking stock of the international reaction. well it's been quite a muted european reaction the european commission has finally come out with a statement today but it condemned the violence but backed up madrid in reiterating that the referendum in catalonia was illegal under the spanish constitution yesterday's vote to cut the loan you know was not legal this is an internal mother for spain that has to be dealt with in line with the constitutional order of spain well essentially we can see the e.u. there sticking to the same line it's had all along in the run up to the vote as
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well and journalists in brussels have had a lot of questions about the e.u.'s tongue tied response to the crisis in catalonia now will you have a double standard in the freedom of this british whilst found out for. another for. you condemn it when they shut down cambodia daily would you stay silent when a member states starts playing with freedom of expression should private websites if they start arresting jewelries how can you say this is a constitutional that we don't have anything to say i mean this is presumably expression anything else that we're going to help you with today where you can see the spokes person squirming there and there is a sense that collectively european leaders are squirming over this crisis as well there's a degree of discomfort is seems that few have come out and condemn the violence the belgian prime minister the slovenian one but critics say that overall the response
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has been much milder than say it would have been if this crisis was unfolding in a new european member states a hungry or somewhere like vogue area now in terms of the media reaction sky news has drawn a bit of attention to itself a for a tweet that many people. i have said it was inappropriate you can see it up on your screens now it said the people of catalonia finding out what happens when and the legal referendum is held the tweet was deleted soon after it was put up but not before quite a few people managed to screengrab it and express a lot of anger about it as well people online have accused the news outlets of supporting what they see as violent oppression in catalonia others have called it disgraceful some have called it fascist at the very least it does seem
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unfortunately word it carries sort of an air of i told you so about it there's a suggestion in it of some sort of political alignment to madrid side of the argument and probably a degree of insensitivity given that some nine hundred people in catalonia were injured in clashes with the spanish police yesterday. more news after this short break. in case you're new to the game this is how it works in the economy is built around quite. a ration from washington washington media the media. and voters elected to run this country business because. it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done.
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what politicians do. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. some want. to be right. this is what. three of the four people. interested was it was. welcome back and we start with some breaking news islamic states news agency says the group is responsible for the mass shooting in las vegas they say the shooter is
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one of its soldiers and converted to islam months ago at least fifty people were killed in the incident and more than four hundred are in hospital well let's discuss the latest developments on this story we've long as i believe from france is national from swallower all we have to start there and i saw has claimed responsibility for the attack in las vegas i mean does that come as any surprise to you. of course not. everywhere in western countries nowadays but you know. of course we have to give a response to that kind of attack but we have to distinguish which is that kind of massive murdering and. and you know that in france we are facing a strong two always a movement until we start tax such as we had yesterday for instance in our say so it's a very different kind of response we have to fight well can we just have
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a look at the location there i mean why did the attacker do you think choose this particular target. so we could you repeat your questions on these very poor yeah no problem looking at this particular attack in las vegas why do you think that the shooter chose that particular target. france is a victim of. as you know police in france do a good job as such as the army this guy for instance to east. wasted for lots of crimes but to lead and to fight not as a police level but at the government level because i think that they don't understand we are in a while you know there is and against while your condos and flowers are not enough
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we have to take strong measures for instance we have to control our border we have to expel every. community in france and we have to send back to the country each and every. that is linked to terrorism so as you see we have lots of to do to prevent. well citizens do that kind of attacks well or if you could just hold the line there what would do is just to have a quick recap about all those incidents that happened in moscow and come back to you in a moment well as we've been seeing before that france also saw the deadly attack on sunday the islamic state claims that was behind a knife attack that killed two women of moscow's main train station then minutes later the perpetrator was shot dead by security services while the authorities as we've been hearing have since revealed the attack i had been detained for shoplifting and released the day before the attack he was also known to police for drug related crimes.
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i. don't know what good women screaming outside then running into people didn't know what was going on were taken out of the train and then evacuated. well or badly if you come back here now i mean do you believe that the police do enough the tracking of people with criminal records in france. yes we do. in fact police is doing an amazing job as they do the tracking do we station of that kind of people and we are working closer and closer with. the
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european union to exchange to acting in informations once again. when you know that someone is dangerous what do we do. use that influence we do nothing we let them go they can move freely and then become terrorists with a knife or something else so once again we don't take the good measures the issue is not our police is issue is a good government especially mr. grammont. well or if we could also go ask you to hold there and let's also discuss another issue another instance of terrorism let's also look at what's been happening in canada where police in the canadian city of edmonton are treating the ramming and stabbing of a fellow officer on sunday also a serenaded after finding an eyesore flag in the attackers car the thirty year old driver has been apprehended a manhunt followed the ramming of the officer he was stabbed several times but survived the driver was then stopped but managed to flee in
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a truck hitting pedestrians in a high speed police chase well no deaths have been reported well if we can then come back here again or i mean do you think that the number of such incidents incidents in the west can be partly explained why i suppose growing losses in syria and iraq. yes of course because. the weakest. syria in iraq. the more they will try to attack us through that kind of. what we call look cause. it is to say that one cow or one knife is enough to kill lots of non muslim citizens but once again all are not equal in front of their worries i'm for instance russia is doing a strong who are against islamic state but it's france or canada for instance that victims of terrorism why because we have
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a strong freeway in most of the community. that you skipped apart from the west of the society and once again as long as we really bees are weakest countries in the well known zoo more. exposed we will be so. we have to be very careful because if we accept to media and of as we did in european union's without any control without a new border we would have to face in massive. attacks in the coming years well on that basis they are all very briefly if i might ask you could we then expect further retaliate attacks after icily is completely defeated or do you think the terrorists will give up if you could just answer very briefly. no they won't give up because it's not.
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we are facing civilization. we are not fighting a state we have. a religion and. it is everywhere with. the world so. each and every european. country. nor a second any from france's national front party thank you very much indeed thank you . and i'll be about with the latest headlines at the top of the hour for more news in the meantime. again this network artes in the spotlight and under attack now the russian authorities are pushing back what is called the info war is heating up consumers.
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dropping bombs brings police to the chicken hawks the battle. to do so tell you the gossip the tabloids are. telling you are not cool enough to buy their products. we all. want. i'm after tense here we're going underground today representatives from multinational corporation coca-cola and the spectator magazine discuss business
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ethics of a gin and tonics at the u.k. conservative autumn conference in manchester coming up on the show as the radical hard left lost the political block we are skin of chair of the welsh affairs select committee david davies about whether the call but least as demonstrated in man just a true bricks of tears unlike remain a raise in may and was enormous company defacto sponsoring the labor party conference we speak to you gave had a chief secretary to the treasury he did out about have a british labor party is welcoming lobbyists into the tent was claudia webb of labor's national executive committee explains the ins and outs of throwing people out and generally corbin's not just socialist party in western europe all the civil coming of a days going underground at first when britain's chancellor or finance minister phil hammond speaks today he'll be speaking for a government that has borrowed more than any british government apparently in the street where household debt is at a record one point eight trillion pounds or two and a half trillion dollars and yet this is how and who has foreign secretary arguably
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said there was british money to burn to give ak of a to al-qaeda linked rebels in syria it's no secret that we would like to be able to extend our strike operations into syria and this was a chance load suggested a new cold war with russia russia. ignores the norms of international conduct and breaks the rules of the rules based international system and that represents a challenge and a threat to all of us it was hammond who supported the launch of an economic war against nuclear armed russia are accusing the law. just nation on earth of being uncivilized civilized nations do not behave in the way russia under putin has behaved towards ukraine and those of us who live by the rules based international system will be steadfast in defending it against such aggression this from the then foreign secretary who supported u.k. training of saudi pilots to.


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